In the past, healthcare was the exclusive domain of medical professionals. They had the knowledge and the medica equipment to cure anyone. Little attention was paid to preventing diseases, the focus was on healing people.


Today we see a shift. People are increasingly offered opportunities to influence their health condition themselves. We call this the democratization of knowledge and technology. Internet makes it possible to gain knowledge in all kinds of areas. Ranging from knowledge of how to live a healthier life to about possible treatments. In addition, we see that medical equipment is becoming increasingly accessible to the masses, such as blood pressure, oxygen and heart rate monitors or skin scanning apps. Not to mention products that are getting smarter, such as toothbrushes and hearing aids. Self-tests for cholesterol, cystitis and menopause are also emerging.


This above-mentioned development coincides with another development. Healthcare can only remain affordable when people take better care of themselves. We are not only talking about products that are needed to treat a cold or flu, for instance, but also about vitamins and minerals to maintain the natural resistance and care products that keep the body healthy from head to toe. Fitness equipment to work at home on a healthy lifestyle is also increasingly part of this. And, of course, healthy food.


The effects of tooth decay on health are significant. Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, rheumatism and diabetes are closely linked to periodontal disease. The medical costs that arise as a result are enormous. Every year, EUR 52 billion is spent within the EU on curative caries-related costs. These high costs can partly be explained by people’s fear of the dentist, which means that they do not have their teeth checked. The thought of drilling already makes them shiver.


Oral Qamera, based on QLF technology, makes it possible to make dental plaque visible. This makes it possible to effectively treat dental dental plaque, the cause of caries, gingivitis and periodontitis, so that teeth remain healthy for a lifetime. For consumers we have smart devices for home use. For professionals we have state of the art solutions for the clinical environment. The big advantage of Oral Qamera in the clinical environment is that a patient’s teeth can be closely monitored, so that less or even no drilling is required.


With the arrival of Oral Qamera, the step from cure to care, so from dentistry to oral care, becomes a fact. Oral Qamera uses patented technology. Technology that has proven itself in practice. In addition to universities and laboratories of leading pharmaceutical companies, several hundred dental practices worldwide are already working with our tools. Professionals who use Oral Qamera consider this to be the gold standard. Working with Oral Qamera gives everyone self-confidence. All this together makes Oral Qamera a life changing  concept with great social impact.

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