Oral Qamera is a brand of Inspektor Research Systems BV. A small team for the day-to-day management is assisted by a number of dedicated professional advisors. Inspektor Research Systems also maintains close ties with scientists, researchers and dentists around the world.


“My wish is to get eradicate caries in the world. In my childhood I regularly suffered from nerve-racking pains in my mouth, due to neglected oral care. Both my parents, my father being a highly educated scientist and my mother a girl from a very wealthy family, were terrified of the dentist. We never talked about teeth at home, and no attention was given to brushing and other ways of cleaning one’s teeth. We all had a lot of issues in our mouths. When I was drafted for military service, I opted for an alternative military service as a physical researcher at the Dental Faculty of Groningen University. There I learnt how to prevent dental cavities by using a little fluorine, checking carefully where that bad dental plaque was and how to effectively remove it. I wanted to measure oral health and thought I could do so with the help of computer technology unknown at the time. It became an obsession that led to founding Inspektor in 1987 with Elbert Waller, who was then working on computer projects at Informatics in Delft. The discovery that oral biofilm can be visualized in an insanely elegant way with the help of fluorescence still motivates me 24 hours a day.”


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In a rich life, feeling positive is paramount. After all, when you’re happy, you’re rich. In my work, that positive feeling has turned out to be the most important asset. QLF technology felt good. Since my introduction in 2004, I have been known as someone believing in the prevention capabilities this technique offers. To enrich patients and practitioners with ‘new’ insights, helping both to achieve the same goal together: healthy teeth. My craving intensified when I was given the most important role of my life: motherhood. When you look at your children, you look at your greatest wealth. Their radiant smile says more than a hundred words. QLF technology contributes to achieving and maintaining that goal: healthy teeth from child to adulthood. How nice it would be if dentistry would no longer be ‘surgery’ but would be called ‘economics?’. Working together on a ‘rich’ smile!”


“Fifteen years ago I joined the inventors of QLF technology. From that moment on, it has become my goal to ensure that this fascinating technology, which has been used mainly in science, will also be widely used by oral care professionals and consumers. Caries is an underestimated disease that causes a lot of damage to the human body. We have now reached a point where QLF technology can effectively help eradicating this disease. Without invasive treatment as a first solution, a solution that in the end is not sustainable. I work with my colleagues to detect other oral anomalies at an early stage: my goal is to extend the diagnostic capabilities of QLF to a full assessment of oral health: I’m talking about teeth, gums and mucous membranes . In addition, we provide oral care professionals and consumers with valuable data to keep the mouth, the gateway to our body, healthy and safe.”


“My obsession is to make things fly. If not physically then at least figuratively. And of all the things I’ve made take off, QLF is by far the most powerful, meaningful sustainable being. Let’s grab it and watch it take off!”


“Connecting and accelerating are my drives. I like to challenge people to think about and contribute to innovations that result in added value for customers and organizations. With a background in the international hotel and hospitality industry I have been able to shape my international and customer-oriented  approach. In the past I owned a consultancy in the field of communication and leadership. Our office worked for leading (inter)national companies and organizations. At the beginning of 2007 my wife became seriously ill and that meant that my life also took a turn. ‘Improving healthcare,’ became my goal. By ensuring that communication and cooperation between client (patient) and care providers are improved. In 2017 I became involved with Inspektor Research Systems, the organization behind Oral Qamera and from the very first moment I was convinced that QLF technology will provide a major breakthrough in the world of dentistry. The mouth is the mirror of your health and with Oral Qamera we make that visible”.

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