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Oral Qamera equipment meets the highest requirements regarding safety, technology and ergonomics. This way you are assured of powerful tools to help your dental work for years to come. In addition to equipment for the clinical world, an Oral Qamera version is also available to consumers.


Oral Qamera runs on Q-Ray™ clinical software. This specially developed software unlocks all possibilities of the Oral Qamera imaging equipment. The software organizes all your QLF™ images in a logical way and incorporates them into your daily workflow. Images and quantified data, such as mineral loss and Simple Hygiene Score™ are stored swiftly and efficiently.The software provides these data on any PC or laptop connected to your clinical network. Images made with Oral Qamera can easily be shared with colleagues and patients. Pictures say more than a thousand words. This allows for better communication of results, findings and even your treatment advice. Your communication with patients as a consequence has more impact. With Q-Ray™ you will save time and improve your quality as healthcare provider.

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For the discerning clinician and researcher, the Oral Qamera Qraycam Pro is the best option. This new Qamera combines convenience, safety with ergonomics. Professionals who work with the Qraycam Pro describe the device as practical and as light as a feather. This Oral Qamera makes high-resolution and razor-sharp QLF™ and whitelight recordings. Suitable for both the clinic and In-vitro and in-situ research. Superior optics and effective autofocus function are self-evident.

devices oral Qamera


An ultra-light, handheld device for QLF™ inspection and includes a curing function. Equipped with strong QLF™ and curing LEDs. Supplied with two glasses with the QLF™ filter. An ideal instrument for the professional.

devices oral qamera


The Qraypen is a versatile intraoral camera, ideal for zooming in on specific elements. An elegant and lightweight intraoral camera with autofocus function. This allows you to make quickly and easily QLF™ and white-light recordings. Ideal for finding cracks and quantifying demineralization’s and early stages of caries.


A must for every family. Check with this Oral Qamera whether you are brushing properly. It is a beautifully designed device for use at home. Also oral hygiene practices work with the Qscan plus. This device is very user-friendly. Equipped with the QLF™filter, 4 QLF™ LEDs and a replaceable light cap. Rechargeable via the supplied USB cable.