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A year ago Inspektor Research Systems started to introduce a new brand. A brand for serving the clinical and consumer markets. In this year a lot happened. We have set steps in the right direction but we have not yet reached our goal: waking up in a world without caries. Cariogenic dental plaque causes the […]


Publication from Dental Info A DUTCH INVENTION THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD OF DENTISTRY FOR EVER Ask an average Dutch dentist what QLF technology is and the answer will elude him or her. When one asks the same question to a researcher form a renowned university in the field of dentistry somewhere around the world, […]


ORTHODONTICS AND ORAL QAMERA ACCORDING TO KATJA VAN OORT  ‘‘Oral Qamera has really changed the profession of orthodontics and that starts with the intake of a new patient. When a patient visits our practice for the first time, I check whether his or her teeth are being brushed properly. In many cases we find that children, and […]


Oral Qamera has a positive impact on society, the clinical world and the consumer. It is a triple win. Below we explain why. THE SOCIETY If we, as a society, want to keep healthcare affordable, adjustments in our behaviour will be necessary. This means that the focus should be on preventing diseases rather than curing […]


SEE WHERE OTHERS ARE LOOKIN I am on a whisper boat in the Biesbosch and I look at nature. A guide points out the presence of a few beavers. They lie on their backs, with a piece of wood between their paws. It is a beautiful sight. The guide advises us to come back in […]


Four steps towards a world without caries With the arrival of Oral Qamera it becomes possible to one day wake up in a world without caries. In that new world, no one has to worry about the health of our mouths and the mouth is seen by many specialists as the mirror of the body. […]


MOST DENTISTS THINK ABOUT DRILLING TOO FAST Dentists are trained to solve problems in the mouth, but then you are always chasing the fact. Being ahead of trouble is always better. With the arrival of Oral Qamera, oral care specialists are given the opportunity to work preventively. THE GREATESTS INVENTION SINCE THE DRILL Oral Qamera […]


IF WE BRUSHING WELL WE FILL A EUR 52 BILLION HOLE Every year, EUR 52 billion is spent within the EU on medical costs directly related to poor oral care. From dentists who drill holes that would often heal on their own to rheumatism and Alzheimer’s, for example. BETTER ORAL CARE STARTS WITH ORAL QAMERA […]


WHY AN X-RAY AT THE DENTIST DOES NOT SHOW EVERYTHING Taking an X-ray is of course never good for your health. That is why your dentist does not take a picture every time. The x-ray the dentist uses to determine the health of your teeth does not reveal important information. For example, plaque cannot be […]