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Tripple win Oral Qamera Pen in de tandartspraktijk

Oral Qamera has a positive impact on society, the clinical world and the consumer. It is a triple win. Below we explain why.


If we, as a society, want to keep healthcare affordable, adjustments in our behaviour will be necessary. This means that the focus should be on preventing diseases rather than curing them. The world of dentistry is no exception, even here the emphasis will need to be placed on prevention. With the arrival of Oral Qamera this is entirely possible. With this new technology, plaque and cavities can be detected quickly, easily and safely. Earlier detection ensures that the chance of drilling is kept to a minimum. Oral Qamera also allow dental experts to accurately monitor oral health so that a patient file is automatically built up. By actively deploying Oral Qamera, in the EU alone we can save EUR 52 billion in costs directly related to dentistry every year. And all the other costs that arise from problems in the mouth have not even been mentioned.


Oral Qamera is the solution to improve servicing all different target audiences. With children aged 5 to 25, it becomes possible to take brushing to a higher level by providing targeted advice and brushing instructions based on QLF photos. Oral Qamera is the best way to build a long-term relationship with this specific group. Older patients, who have not visited their own dentist for a long time, can be actively approached to become familiar with Oral Qamera. All this under the message of ‘new style dentistry’. Involving this group with dentistry practices again, will ensure that these people can enjoy their own teeth for longer and will significantly decrease the risk of other health complications. Then there is one group that is really terrified on the dentist. Based on Oral Qamera, we have developed a protocol which makes it possible for this target audience to find their way back to the dentist. We do this by emphasizing preventive action instead of invasive action. Oral Qamera ensures that the clinical world can optimize care and simultaneously grow sustainably.


Brushing smarter reduces the risk of cavities. Fewer cavities means benefiting longer from your own teeth and fewer health complications later in life. Oral Qamera will soon be introducing a smart scanner for consumers that can detect young dental plaque. This means that you will know within eight hours whether you have brushed properly. Knowing that, the consumer also knows if he must pick up his toothbrush, pick his teeth, etc., again. Brushing in an improved matter also means that one is less anxious to go to the dentist, because you know that you have done everything to keep your teeth in paramount (top kan ook, vind paramount mooier) condition. In addition, by keeping your teeth healthy you decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s for example.