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I am on a whisper boat in the Biesbosch and I look at nature. A guide points out the presence of a few beavers. They lie on their backs, with a piece of wood between their paws. It is a beautiful sight. The guide advises us to come back in the future in a canoe, because it gives you more time to observe them calmly. It was a special experience. Without that guide we mainly would have looked at the alluring nature around us, but perhaps never seen those beavers.

Looking is different from seeing. Looking can be from a distance or perhaps serve more as a summarising view. But if something is pointed out, one can start seeing instead of just looking. See where the details lie. What sets them apart from the overall image. Details that are special and provide you with insights or turn out to be thought-provoking.

When I look at a set of teeth, with my healthy human eyes, I judge something with air and light to see better. It requires knowledge and skill, technique and effort. Distinguishing between healthy and not healthy makes the practitioner someone who sees and not just looks.

Despite my attentive eyes, I was grateful for that guide on the whisper boat. He neatly pointed out a number of details, which I might have found myself if I had looked long enough. But by pointing us in this direction, we could spend our time seeing details which otherwise would have been missed. The boat would have calmly sailed past, while we were looking at the nature.

Tools that let us see, rather than look, are a blessing. They provide quicker insights in the available time frame to set our sights on. After all, the boat progresses slowly. Oral Qamera with QLF technology is like that guide who pointed me to the beavers. Or even better, the use of the canoe on our next visit to Biesbosch. See instead of looking. Completely independent.

Karen van Daelen



Oudere vrouw met gaaf gebit, zonder cariës

Four steps towards a world without caries

With the arrival of Oral Qamera it becomes possible to one day wake up in a world without caries. In that new world, no one has to worry about the health of our mouths and the mouth is seen by many specialists as the mirror of the body. Everyone knows the first three steps. The fourth step is new. Because with Oral Qamera, everyone at home can immediately check whether they have cleaned properly. Young plaque is immediately visible and can therefore be tackled effectively. Below are the four steps.

Step 1

Of course, it starts with brushing your teeth. Brush twice a day for 2 minutes with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, preferably with an electric toothbrush.

Step 2

After brushing, interdental cleaning is almost a mandatory step. Clean the surfaces between your teeth once a day with floss, toothpicks or brushes.

Step 3

Plaque is stubborn and therefore it is recommended to rinse daily with mouthwash. Rinse with 20 ml for 30 seconds twice a day.

Step 4

Quick and easy check for plaque. Anyone can do it. Check with Oral Qamera twice a day whether all plaque has disappeared. If plaque remains, start again with step 1.

In the clinical world there is already a Qamera available to detect plaque. We currently have a scanner available for the consumer market that makes old plaque visible. The Oral Qamera Smart Scanner that highlights young plaque is expected to be available at the end of 2021. Contact us for more information.